I run into this often when I need photos for the law school where I work. Ideally, we’d never use stock images at all, but that’s not our reality right now. We are one of only 6 HBCU (historically black colleges and universities) law schools in the US, and we rank top 5 for women’s enrollment. Having professional photos of our actual student population is the answer once we get our other ducks in a row, but for now, stock images are necessary sometimes.

So off I go looking for photos of attorneys and having to specify “black attorney” or “black woman attorney” so I don’t have to sift through pages of identical white guys, a group that hardly represents our actual student body even a little bit. And of course, you never have to type in “white man” before your actual query.

I often wonder what thoughts go through the heads of other people looking for images in the same manner. Thanks for writing this!

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Media professional. Professor. Baseball fan. Academic fraud. Hair farmer. Demigod. Miscellaneous superpowers.

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